Billy Crockett
Rabbit Hole


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Singer-songwriter and producer Billy Crockett took his time to write and record a follow-up to his well-received 2009 album, Wishing Sky. But Rabbit Hole, released Oct. 1, 2016, on his own Blue Rock Artists label, proves well worth the wait. Written and produced by Crockett, Rabbit Hole combines moving, joyful, reflective – and very personal – lyrics with wonderfully crafted melodies drawing on folk, jazz, pop, blues and soul.

“The man writes songs – and performs them – with the same understated grace and ingenious invention he brings to his productions. Known to be the kind of producer who tells phenomenal musicians, “Less – less !” until he achieves that exact delicate fusion of refinement and soul, he brings that same elegant economy to songwriting, delivering the essence of the thing with crystalline purity.” – Paul Zollo

“I can go down the rabbit hole with him, as long as he promises not to spare me any of the emotions and insight he so willingly bears in this album—because here and now, it’s already perfect.” – M Magazine

“Each segment will take listeners on a short journey, offering insights into his writing and playing, and the inspirations behind the album’s 11 songs. Crockett plays from the heart, the imagination, feelings or dreams that come to him. ” -Katieann Stevens



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Rabbit Hole”

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