Console: Custom Rupert Neve Designs 5088 Discrete Analogue Mixer.
Recorders and Converters: Pro Tools HD3 Accel System with Digidesign 192s; Apogee DA/AD 16X; Prism Dream AD-2; Tascam DV-RA1000, DA-45HR; Alesis ML-9600 Masterlink; Studio B roving Pro Tools 002 Command 8 edit /MIDI, FCP video edit station.

Monitoring: Dynaudio M4+; ProAc Studio 100; Dynaudio BM5; Barefoot Sound MicroMain 27; Yamaha NS-10; M&K LCR 851; Bryston 4B and 7B SST amps; Crown K2.
Microphones: Wunder Audio CM7; Wunder Audio CM12; Wunder Audio CM67; Royer R-122 (2); Schoeps MK4G cardiod (2), and MK2 omni caps (2); sE Neve RNR1 (2); sE Neve RN17 (2); AKG C414 B-TL II (2), 414 B-ULS, C 391 B (2); Telefunken M81; Mojave MA-101 (2); DPA 4061 (2); Shure SM57 (4), Shure SM58 (5), Shure SM81-LC (2); Sennheiser MD 421 (3); Shure Beta 87A; Shure Beta 52A; ElectroVoice RE-20; Neumann KMS 105 (3); Heil PR-20; Shure Green Bullet.
Outboard: Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5032 Pre/EQs (x16); RND Shelford 5051 Inductor EQ/Compressor (x12); RND Shelford 5052 Mic Pre/Inductor EQ (x2); RND 5012 Duo Mic Pre; RND 5014 Stereo Field Editor; RND 5042 Tape Emulation; RND 5043 Stereo Compressor (x4); RND 5033 5-band EQ (x2); RND Portico II Channel Strip (pre/ EQ/ compressor); RND Portico II Master Buss Processor; RMS Neve 33609/J; GML 2032 Pre/EQ (x4); API 512c Pres (x4), 550b EQs (x4); TG-1 Limiter; SPL Transient Designer; Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor; Shadow Hills Mono Gama Mic Pre (x3); Universal Audio 1176LN, LA-3A (x2); Drawmer Three-Sum Multiband Splitter, 1960 Stereo Mic Pre/Compressor (x2); Bricasti M7 reverb; Lexicon PCM-96; Lexicon PCM-81; Lexicon PCM-91; Eventide Reverb 2016; Mercury (Pultec) EQ-P1 tube (x2).
Audio and Video Cue: Aviom 16-channel Personal Mixer System; Ultrasone PROline 650s, 550s, HFI-2200 ULE headphones; Quad split screen rolling video monitors with minicams for visual cue available in all tracking areas and control room.
Other: XTA DP226 Speaker Management System; Radial J48 Active Direct Box (3); RND Direct Box; Pro D2 Stereo Direct Box (2); BBE DI w/Sonic Maximizer (2); Avenson Audio DI (2); Radial X-amp; Oppo BDP-103 Blu-Ray Player.
“Studio B” (by request): Roving Pro Tools Native, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Suite, and MIDI composing station for editing and processing audio and video.
Instruments: Yamaha C7 conservatory grand piano; Yamaha Custom Recording drum kit (specced by Russ Kunkel); Yamaha Black Vintage Snare Drum 14" and Yamaha Brass Shell Snare Drum 14"; Fine acoustic and electric guitar collection - by prior arrangement; Amps: Blackface Fender Twin, Blackface Fender Super Reverb, Fender Blues Jr., Agilar Bass amp, Leslie amp/rotaing speaker; Various interesting (tuned and non-tuned) hand percussion; Yamaha S90 keyboard; Mason and Hamlin vintage reed organ; Wurlitzer 206A electric piano.



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