Blue Rock News

Mar 8, 2019

Peter Mulvey

"I wrote this song at a songwriting workshop. I’d assigned the students a prompt: 'When all this is over' and on the last day of the workshop, another instructor asked me 'So, we instructors have to write a song to that prompt too, right?' I said 'No! No... dammit. Yes. Fair is fair. Yes.' I tried as hard as I could to just phone this one in: 'OK, let’s come up with synonyms for the prompt. Uh... when this bird has flown... when spring has sprung... ' And the the muse shot me through my heart with her golden arrow and I wrote 'when what you used to know like the back of your hand isn’t even on the tip of your tongue...' on so on, to 'Who’s Gonna Love You Now.' And there it is. I accidentally wrote one of the best songs I’ve ever written." - Peter