Blue Rock News

May 23, 2016

Blue Rock & Vintage King Audio

Vintage King Audio is among the industry's finest suppliers of audio equipment, and a real partner to Blue Rock. We've had the pleasure of collaboration with them on several occasions. HERE's their feature piece on Billy Crockett and the design concept of Blue Rock Studio. We'll inlcude a short excerpt here:

"Part of what makes any studio experience excellent is the elimination of roadblocks. A well-prepared team will have everything ready for your session, whether it's an impressive selection of microphones, tape for more than a day's work or items as minute as extra guitar strings. By essentially removing the potential for any disasters, everyone involved in a production can feel free to be as creative as possible with minimal interruption.

What about taking it a step further? What about an all-encompassing studio? This was the thought studio owner Billy Crockett had when he first started dreaming up Blue Rock Artist Ranch And Studio. Based just outside of Austin in Wimberly, Texas, Crockett created a destination studio that not only boasts world-class recording facilities, but extremely plush lodging, live performance area and beautiful scenery for miles too."