Blue Rock News

Sep 14, 2018

Pro Audio Event with Dave Malekpour

Recently, we welcomed Dave Malekpour, president of Augspurger Monitors, to Blue Rock.  He and an elite group of audio engineers and producers gathered to talk studio monitoring, room tuning, and speaker design.  Engineer Chris Bell provided the new Augspurger TREO 812s.  It was a night of Texas BBQ, history-making pros, and a beautiful high-end sonic experience.  Check out this IMAGE GALLERY!

  • VK0A3760.jpg
  • VK0A3802.jpg
  • VK0A3684.jpg
  • VK0A3655.jpg
  • VK0A3678.jpg
  • VK0A3770.jpg
  • VK0A3766.jpg
  • VK0A3642.jpg
  • VK0A3745.jpg
  • VK0A3775.jpg
  • VK0A3680.jpg
  • VK0A3806.jpg
  • VK0A3797.jpg
  • VK0A3697.jpg
  • VK0A3690.jpg
  • VK0A3696.jpg
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