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Sep 20, 2016

Producer/Engineer Jordan Power in the House

Blue Rock is ringing with sweet sounds from the land down under. From the village of Tyalgum, near Brisbane, The Heart Collectors are busy at work on their 3rd album and at the helm is Australia's own Jordan Power. His credits include big names Lady GagaBruce Springsteen, and U2. His career has taken him around the world with projects in New York, film scores in Malaysia, and now Wimberley, Texas.

The child of parents in the meat packing industry, Mr. Power's first ambitions were actually in civil engineering. But soon, realizing this was not a satisfying fit, and after a heartfelt conversation with his father, Jordan ventured into engineering of another kind. His early start was at Studios 301 in Sydney, the largest recording studio in Australia. From coffee-monkey intern, to assistant, to engineer, to producer, he proved himself and climbed the ranks. 

The Heart Collectors and Jordan Power have an obvious affinity and mutual respect that comes from working together on 2 previous albums. They also have a great love for Texas music and the Austin scene.  Now, they have found a home at Blue Rock and there is much excitement as they put the finishing touches on the new record. There's no rest for Jordan however, and the rest of 2016 will keep him busy with projects in Nashville and New York.

From Jordan's Interview with Rebel on a Rainbow last year:

"As a listener I connect with the stories in songs, and like the music to reflect that."

"Even while I was still at school, I used to love listening to music and was always curious why some tracks made you feel awesome and others were almost unbearable. I guess overall what inspired me was the possibility of helping create some of those tracks that make people feel awesome. haha." 
"I started out making coffee and doing whatever was required of me at Studios 301 in Sydney, then became an assistant engineer, then an engineer, then producer. I've built up a great list of credits, and been involved in some amazing projects. It's been more like a whole heap of breakthrough moments!"
"Over the last couple of years I've had the pleasure of recording with Angus Stone on both his solo album and the new Angus and Julia Stone album, recorded albums with KarnivoolThe Living End and Xavier Rudd. I have also worked with Lady Gaga on two of her albums, Bruce Springsteen's latest album and some yet to be released material from U2. They're all highlights really.  Also recorded and mixed the new MT WARNING album which was a really fun one."
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