David Wilcox

Thursday, October 26, 2006

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LIVE @ 7:30 PM CST
coffee, tea, and desserts
A concert to remember! Blue Rock was the place to be for this songwriting tour de force.

A concert to remember!  Blue Rock was the place to be for this songwriting tour de force.  We were packed with wonderful folks who lavished soulful attention upon David and his music, toured the studios, made friends, and enjoyed a boggling array of sweets and coffees.  Donations helped support the artist and our new Wimberley Community Center. Wilcox impressed us with kindness, candor, and insight.  His guitar playing was flawless, his voice soaring, and his performance absolutely rang true.  He sang several new gems and also wrote one here in the Quiet House cabin.  Among the highlights were a tongue-in-cheek "Waffle House," and a moving "Show the Way."  He sang other classics as well - "Eye of the Hurricane," "Rusty Old American Dream," and "Language of the Heart" - and delivered them with power and finesse.    Our tech team captured HD video, a beautiful audio recording of the event, and a morning after interview as well.  David’s candid remarks about the creative life will be featured in a future issue of our art journal, The Blue Rock Review.  Thanks to all of our volunteers who made this event smooth and gracious!  Thanks also to Brian Oakley and Nathan Brown for your terrific photos.
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