Friday, November 17, 2006

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LIVE @ 7:30 PM CST
You simply had to be there to see Rolando Diaz create this...

You simply had to be there to see Rolando Diaz create this rich, romantic, color-saturated painting right in front of us, inspired by guitarists, Marc Anthony Cruz and Billy Crockett. Diaz, a Cuban-born painter and performance artist, delighted the full house by scratching, brushing, flinging, dabbing, and miraculously bringing this work of art to life in an hour and ten minutes! Everyone enjoyed wines made available by John Roenigk of The Austin Wine Merchant and desserts provided by local chef Christopher Stonesifer and other friends. To top off an amazing experience, the painting Rolando created was sold at the end of the evening and, together with other generous donations from individuals and artists, $4,000 was raised for Wimberley’s own ARTS FROM THE HEART arts education programs. What a night! (photos by Laura Harris)

Rolando Diaz

Born in Cuba to a family who fled an oppressive Communist regime, Diaz's painting flows with the spirit of Old Havana. The city's European detail, architecture, narrow stone streets, ocean, and bohemian life style pour from the brush of this passionate artist.

Mark Cruz

Mark Anthony Cruz's formidable guitar abilities were inspired by his father, a mariachi musician. He earned a Master's degree in Guitar Performance at Texas State University where he is currently Professor of Guitar.

Billy Crockett

Billy Crockett debuted selected instrumental pieces from his new CD, Passages.

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