A Hill Country Christmas

Friday, December 15, 2006

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LIVE @ 7:30 PM CST
coffee, tea, and desserts
Songwriters, friends, and carols featuring Bob Bennett, Beth Wood, and Nathan Brown...

This one is still echoing! The holidays at Blue Rock Studios rang with original songs and traditional carols. A Hill Country Christmas at Blue Rock was a highlight of 2006. Enjoy these photos by Laura Harris.

Our storytelling friend, Phil Strahan, and Billy Crockett co-hosted. We had worldclass pies, cakes, hot cider on tap, and mistletoe in the tower. Proceeds went to guest artists and our new Wimberley Community Center.

It was song-writers and poets in the round with everybody singing carols by the end of the night. Bob Bennett sang his exquisite “Kings of Summer Street," Beth Wood pulled out a delicious little piece called “Christmas in the Ashram," and poet Nathan Brown delivered the holiday goods that had us in heart pain and laughter.

Thank you Valerie and Bill Meek, Gordon Garrison, Judi Sawyer, Forrest Arnold, Dylan Meek, Keith Gary, Felicia Rains, Kym Spears, David Duke, Laura Harris, Lucinda, Tom, David, Wes and Sarah for helping to make the night and the holidays a success.


Bob Bennet is a singer-songwriter from Southern California. With seven solo albums and collaborations with David Wilcox, Amy Grant, Pierce Pettis, and others, Bob makes music that is keenly observant and generous of spirit.


Beth Wood, Texas born folk artist, has won songwriting awards across the nation including the 2005 Kerrville New Folk Contest and the 2006 Sisters, Oregon Folk Festival Songwriting Contest. She has seven albums which combine soaring vocals with rare emotional precision.


Nathan Brown is a poet and a songwriter. He has taught creative writing as Artist-in-Residence at the University of Central Oklahoma. Nathan's published poetry includes Hobson’s Choice, Ashes Over the Southwest, and Suffer the Little Voices (2006), which was nominated for the Oklahoma Book Award.

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