David Ramirez

Thursday, November 8, 2018

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"David Ramirez finds a new cartography of meaning."  Austin American Statesman

"Ramirez proves a master of capturing the contradictory politics of the heart."  Pop Matters

"Soulful, stirring, heartbreaking. David makes you hang on the turn of every phrase." -The Civil Wars

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LIVE @ 7:30 PM CDT
melodic, lonesome, atmospheric Americana

Prolific singer and songwriter David Ramirez has earned a large and growing following for his soulful, introspective songs and passionate performances. After leaving Nashville for Austin, Texas, Ramirez started touring extensively, and as he wrote more songs, he began releasing new material at an impressive rate, cranking out two albums (2009's American Soil and 2012's Apologies) and two EPs (2011's Strangetown and 2013's The Rooster). In September 2017, Ramirez returned with a fresh studio album, We're Not Going Anywhere, released through his own Sweetworld label.

We’re Not Going Anywhere
: At a historical moment of immense political, social, and ecological uncertainty, those four simple words comprise both a promise and a protest. It’s a statement that offers no small sense of hope, in that sense matching the music contained on the album. 

Says David, “Being half white and half Mexican has made this current political climate especially interesting. So many cultures in this country are being viewed as un-American and it breaks my heart. My family have raised children here, created successful businesses here, and are proud to be a part of this country. Most of what I've seen as of late is misplaced fear. I wanted to write about that fear and how, instead of benefiting us, it sends us spiraling out control.”

Ramirez grounds these songs in his own perspective, both human and humane, outraged and generous. “People Call Who They Wanna Talk To” is Ramirez at his catchiest, marrying a playful earworm hook to a somber realization about romantic irreconcilability: “Don’t blame it on the distance, don’t blame it on the booze… people call who they wanna talk to.” A simple line, but completely devastating.

We’re Not Going Anywhere turns that distance into a big-picture perspective. “We were looking around and no one was around us. The closest house was a mile away, so it was just us. We were grateful just to retreat from that social tornado for a while and create something that we hoped would be very beautiful.” 

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